How to advertise your business on Instagram

According to Forrester Research, Instagram is considered to be one of the most effective social marketing tools in current times. Facebook’s influence is slowly declining, so brands are looking for the next best website to promote their ware. Instagram appears to be growing in terms of reach and has the advantage of being more visual

Nokia Lumia 930 – Top 5 Rivals

With the growing days, the handset industry is growing smart day by day, with the new and even better launches of Smartphones’ than their predecessors. One such grand launch is the product of Nokia, the Nokia Lumia 930. Clutched with the latest Windows Phone experience, this smart tech of Nokia features all the wow factors

Top 20+ Free Responsive WordPress Themes

FREE the word always sounds good, but what if you get a professional quality WordPress themes without spending a penny, ah! That is a good smile on your face. Making a blog look professional is always a good idea, all premium WordPress themes costs from $30 – $50 or even $100 for business. In this

23+ Best Responsive Wedding WordPress Themes

In this post, I have listed 23+ best responsive WordPress wedding themes for setting up your new wedding website. Wedding themes are specially crafted keeping weddings in mind. If you are a wedding photographer or a wedding couple who want to showcase their wedding photographs, then these premium wedding WordPress themes will play an important

Best Free E-Commerce Plugins for WordPress

Nearly 39% of the global population relay on the internet to buy stuffs, because of its ease of use, and having an unlimited array of items to choose from. Many of the giant e-commerce ventures such as Amazon, eBay, Snapdeal and Flipkart are already doing excellent business. You can also have a great online store

130+ Premium Responsive eCommerce WordPress Themes

If you are planning to take your business online, then look no further than WordPress to create your own online store. WordPress themes for eCommerce are very resourceful and equipped with latest e-commerce technologies, catalogs, search features as well as user-friendly interface. Where the budget is concerned you don’t have to spend too much of money for

Top 5 SEO Techniques You Should Stop Using Immediately

Google is getting more and more sensitive to spamming, unauthorized SEO tactics, Black Hat SEO, building aggressive backlinks with low quality content. Some webmasters might not know what working well for their website is and what is not, because of Google’s rapidly changing search algorithm  SEO  is getting more difficult surviving this competitive age of

20 Great Parallax Themes for WordPress

The cool Scrolling parallax effect has become a new trend in web design industry. It’s commonly a multiple background images used with different scrolling speeds to create a sensation of depth creating 3D effects as you scroll down the web page. This type of 3d Effects is possible with the latest web technologies like HTML5

7 Killer Tips To Optimize Your Drupal Website Performance

Today, Drupal has come up as one of the most effective CMS’s that have made their way in the website development projects handled by numerous web developers. Whether you’re a webmaster or an end user, Drupal has a lot in store for you. Loaded with impressive features, Drupal has been popularly used for building dynamic

Useless! If You Looking for Local WP Coders

It is in vain to look for quality and dedicated local WordPress developers. It is hard to find the dedication and commitment towards providing high-end services in local coders. WP is an open source web content management system. This open source CMS tool covers a wide range of resourceful features. You can create an impressive
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