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Twitter introduce “email sharing” for your tweets

Twitter introduce a new feature to the world famous one-to-many text messaging services – the ability to email “tweet” directly from the message flow.

This new feature was released November 15th 2012 at the San Francisco company that combined enhanced applications to use this service to an iPhone or a smartphone powered by Google Android software.

“You can also Re-tweet (Twitter Posts) to your followers on Twitter, but sometimes you want to share with other groups, such as your college roommate or your parents or friends who are not on Twitter,” engineer Stefan Filip said in a blog.

“Therefore we introduce the ability to email directly from Tweet”.

This feature combined with all users of Twitter – which allows members to post a short comment link or picture – in the coming weeks, according to Filip.

Update on the Twitter app for iPhone and Android is designed to improve search results and highlight the photos, videos and news services together.

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