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22 Superb Water Creative Photography images

What you thing about water seeing at first sight? Just water treated as a transparent thing where you see it everywhere in your surroundings, and the most important source of life on earth. Ever thought that you can create miraculous artistic effects with water? Some of unusual artistic photographers have realized the beauty of water, which could create an artistic masterpiece, made of water and have captured with their camera.

Below I have listed 22 superb creative water captures.

Crystal: Beautiful crisp and colors effects of water drop, makes it look alike crystal glass.(Photography by: Michael Eggers)


Liquid Bell: Amazing water effect, imitating just like a bell, created of liquid.(Photography by: Michael Eggers)


Water Bowl: Yet another amazing water effect, creates a bowl effect of water.(Photography by: Michael Eggers)


Simple Blue Drop: Wonderful and simple colors water drop.(Photography by: Heinz Maier)


Water Bubble Hat layers: An amazing water art masterpiece, creating 2 “bubbles” and “hat” Effect. (Photography by: Heinz Maier)


Golden Sail Boat: Make me WOW, wonderful colors, golden sail boat and a blue top sailing in the air.(Photography by: Heinz Maier)


Drop in a bubble cage: Superb work by its author, i just have no words to say, just an amazing work.(Photography by: Michael Eggers)


Raising Demon from water drop: Look’s like a demon is raising from the water, creative work.(Photography by: Heinz Maier)


Red Umbrella: Fine art work from water, create an perspective image of umbrella made from water.(Photography by: Michael Eggers)


Crown: Awesome water splash colors, looks like a color crown excellent work by artist.(Photography by: Heinz Maier)


Blue Shape Water Drop splash: I’m just speechless, wonderful creative artwork, revealing energy within itself, and a blue drop of water, excellent.(Photography by: Michael Eggers)


Style Water Splash: it looks so beautiful and stunning, colorful water splash artwork.(Photography by: Drippy 2009)


 Explode: Awesome explode effect created with water drop, just excellent.(Photography by: Drippy 2009)


Three Color Layers: How has the artist created this magnificent water art, with 3 color layers it’s just awesome and speechless, wonderful art.(Photography by: Michael Eggers)


Swan: This is just incredible work, vibrant colors and what a creative artwork with just water, colors and lights, looks like a beautiful “Swan”.(Photography by: Michael Eggers)


Water Dance: Making a water to dance, awesome!.(Photography by: Michael Eggers)


Bubble in Black: its Spectacular!(Photography by: Michael Eggers)


Golden Glass: Creative Water art of golden glass, (Photography by: Michael Eggers)


Tree: No words, Just spectacular art work, ever drop creates a wonderful art from water. (Photography by: Michael Eggers)


In the soap bubble: Fantastic artwork, just amazing.(Photography by: Heinz Maier)


BackFire: The red and blue color of water, creates an amazing fire effects, just awesome.(Photography by: Michael Eggers)


Catch The Globe: Fabulous water effect captured, the golden color of water looks like it is holding the globe in it.(Photography by: Heinz Maier)


I am very impressed by these quality artwork by photographer “Michale Eggers”, “Heinz Maier”, “Dippy 2009”,¬† these guys are just awesome, as there are not too many artworks created with water, as to implement water as a main theme for photography because it consumes a lot of time to get a perfect shot!, and yet needs inspiration.

What you learn? their is no boundary for creative art, but it is with our mind, if we get some more inspirational artworks, for creativity we can make common to uncommon. so what we need, more inspiration to get inspired and create some spectacular masterpiece. let us know if you spot any artwork created with water, to include in our next post.

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