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Top 5 Alternatives to Google Adsense

Have your website, blog banned using google adsense without any reason or want to monetize your site with another publisher network, and searching for the high paying PPC, CPM alternatives to google adsense but don’t know where to turn?

Below I have listed top 5 google adsense alternatives that will do the exact same job like adsense. And let you earn some money from your website that is relevant to your site content & Niche.

1] BuySellAds

BuySellAds is the best alternative to Adsense that enables you to sell your website space directly to thousands of advertisers through BSA ad marketplace and make selling and serving ads more profitable. You can even sell your Tweets, RSS subscribers and Emails. BSA offers 2 types of ad serving, CPM and Flat 30 days Ads display & your choice of Image ads format from 32×32, to the space available on your site, it is all to yours. From my point of view at BSA publisher is a king.

PROS: 30 days Payout, You set your price, Trusted BSA Network, Sell even your tweets & e-mails/ at your price, publisher is king, best for all website niches.

CONS: Not available to newbie’s site must have 50k impressions per month, No Quick Publisher Approval. Etc…


2] Chitika

Chitika is the second best high paying ad network for publishers; it offers many of alternatives to regular “contextual ads” like, search targeted, mobile, local ads in forms of pop-ups. When a visitor hits your site with search specific keyword chitika will display the ads related to visitor search “keyword” while a regular visitor won’t see a thing. At Chitika payout starts at $10(USD) for Paypal or $50(USD) For Checks.

PROS: Can be used with Adsense, Quicker payouts @ $10, Quick Approval, Search targeted ads, Best for Bloggers, Article and Techies.

CONS: No image ads,


3] Infolinks

Infolinks is popularly known for in-text ads; break through typically banner blindness by scanning g your content in real-time and double underlining you most valuable keywords. The PPC rate is quite low but it generates high CTR rate, helps you make more money. Infolinks also supports Insearch, InText, InTag, Inframe ads format helps you to monetize your site, especially for content rich websites.

PROS: User-friendly ads link interface, Best PPC Rates & High CTR, best for Bloggers, Articles & Content Rich sites. Minimum $50 Payout via Paypal.

CONS: No image ads, not available to Wallpaper, Image, Photo-bloggers Niche.


4] Adbrite

Adbrite is popularly known for a longer time as an Adsense alternative. And works seamlessly like google adsense and has a quite similar user interface. It supports rich text ads, image banner ads and intext ads too with essentially same tools as google adsense provides for publishers. Overall it is good but not the best adsense alternative.

PROS: Payment hold is lower than google adsense, supports, Intext, banner ads, rich contextual ads.

CONS: Lower PPC Rates.


5] mGiD

mGiD is not like google adsense either any of the publisher network in this list, but still I have included MGID in top 5 alternatives to google because, it can let you make easy money from your website.

MGid is traffic exchange website that lets you place a widget on your site which displays image thumbnails from another publisher like you, each click on thumbnail delivers you traffic with about 50-100% increase in visitors to your site and also pays you money, although the CPC rate is quite low but CTR is higher to make some good money.

PROS: Good for wallpaper niche, image sharing, increase traffic and let you earn money. monthly payouts min $50 via paypal.

CONS: No Text Ads, not for Blogger and content rich site because pays low as compare to content quality.

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