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Top 5 Paypal Alternatives for online sales

PayPal is well known for its easy to use UI and payment processing services globally, that makes PayPal to be use by millions of users around the world. Offering such quality services PayPal is rated #1 as a trusted online payment processor, which made PayPal the first choice of every customer (visitor) who buys and sell on the internet. but why you need PayPal alternative?

Paypal Alternatives
Paypal Alternatives

Unfortunately there are some limitations for using PayPal that might turn your mind to lookout for an alternative to run your business, some of those I have listed below:

  • You cannot withdraw beyond $1000/month.
  • Account Freeze, for security reason.
  • Not available in some countries.
  • Lots of Verification process to run operation.
  • Can’t receive payment within India from Indian customer.
  • Mostly takes action in favor of Buyer rather than seller.
  • You can’t receive more than $500/ transaction in some countries.
  • And many others…..

Personally I don’t blame PayPal about this, as I can understand that internet is full of scams. But in other cases sometime they doesn’t investigate the root cause of a case filed by the buyer against seller, even a reputed 4-5 years old seller with 100% positive feedback gets a negative response from PayPal & the decision is taken in favor of buyer. Even some of PayPal user accounts have been freeze with no proper reason that lost their hard earned money. With all these issues with PayPal you might need to lookout for a better PayPal alternative.

Unfortunately, finding a better option to PayPal isn’t that easy as finding an alternative to your regular bank account. While thereisn’t the exact payment processor as PayPal, below I have listed top 5 alternatives to PayPal that may possibly suit your business needs.

1] MoneyBookers / Skrill


Skrill supports processing of 40+ currencies in over 200 countries and territories offering 100 payment methods from unusual credit & debit card, local payments, online bank transfer in different customizable interfaces. Skrill is the easy way to pay and get paid in alternative to PayPal, without revealing your personal and financial details.

PROS: Best for Online Gamblers, Merchant’s, Customers, Website owners, eBay Sellers.

CONS: Not found seriously.


2] Payza


Payza is available in 190countries and supports about 21 currencies; it’s most likely to paypal’s user friendly interface, payza supports, Shopping cart integration, request funds via e-mail just you do with PP, Direct funds transfer to your bank account. They charges 3.5% processing fees for Credit card payments & and accepts almost all credit card brands. If you are seeking for similar alternative to paypal then Payza is the best.

PROS: User friendly interface, easy to navigate, shopping cart integration, payment buttons, payza e-wallet, bank transfer, wire transfer, best for website owners who sell online.

CONS: Lots of verification processes like paypal, Requires ID & Address proof document’s copy issued in your country locally, Bank wire transfer fee $20.00USD


3] 2Checkout


2Checkout is available internationally in 15 languages, supports 8 payment method in 26 currencies. They simply charge flat rate of 5.5% and $.45 per transaction. 2checkout is available for wireless devices too. One thing I especially like about 2checkout is a customizable shopping cart blends in your website design Deliver a consistent and secure customer experience with custom checkout. Overall 2checkout is also a good alternative to PayPal.

PROS: Fully customizable Checkout options, Flat rate pricing, no extra fees, available globally, 15 language support 50+ pre shopping cart integration and more…

CONS: Charges application fee $10.99 on signup,

4] Plimus / BlueSnap


Bluesnap is best for merchants & software developers to sell their digital goods and services online in a simple way, they accept payment from debit cards, credit cards, electronic funds transfer and fees are reasonable. BlueSnap also offers multi-currencies, recurring charge optimization, product bundling ,customizable shopping cart to blend with your website design and custom and many more customized solution. You can also earn from bluesnap marketplace by signing up their affiliate program. In contrast bluesnap is also a decent paypal alternative.

PROS: User friendly interface, customizable shopping cart, available globally.

CONS: 30 day hold for payments, create invoice for each product, dormant account fee $5/m, $15 charge back per order.


5] WePay


Wepay is safe & secure online payment processing for website, merchants, and sellers. They accept all major credit cards with minimum 2.9% + 30Cents fees per transactions and 1%+30cents for bank payments without revealing your personal and financial information’s, customers don’t need to register on WePay for payments. Simply accept payments on your website without writing code, just create buttons on wepay and paste, you are done. Overall wepay is also a good alternative to PayPal.

PROS: create your own store on wepay, low transaction fees, supports electronic funds transfer, live customer support.

CONS: high charge-back fees $35/order.

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These are the top 5 PayPal Alternatives, with them you can utilize your online payment processing on your website as per your needs that suite you best. I have also added my own opinion with some PROS and CONS of their individual services please go through it and select which looks good to you for your online business.


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