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How to advertise your business on Instagram

According to Forrester Research, Instagram is considered to be one of the most effective social marketing tools in current times. Facebook’s influence is slowly declining, so brands are looking for the next best website to promote their ware. Instagram appears to be growing in terms of reach and has the advantage of being more visual than anything else – a sure way to attract more eyeballs.


However, you do not publish links to your business website on Instagram, nor do you push your offerings through advertorials. On Instagram, photo is King.

Five ways to effectively advertise your business on Instagram are given below:

1. Post captivating photos.

Instagram is both an opportunity as well as a challenge. Since the platform is predominantly visual, brands have the opportunity to grab more attention through beautiful, breathtaking photos. On the other hand, photo is the only medium they can use. Instagram does not support hyperlinked URLs. Thus, every photo should be able to speak for itself.

On Instagram, the better the photo, the richer are the rewards. Consumers find only appealing and meaningful photos worth their time. They may feel inspired enough to buy the brands whose pictures they have been admiring.

2. Use hashtags to your advantage.

In contrast to Twitter and Facebook, Instagram does not support links. Thus, marketing one’s products and directing people to one’s website is a challenge. The flip side is that Instagram promotes hashtags. Thus, businesses can use hashtags to connect engaged consumers on Instagram to their website.

The first step to take is, to get new more followers and expand one’s reach by using popular and trending hashtags such as #latergram, #instagood, and #throwbackthursdays. Hashtags can connect consumers to the brand effectively.

Hashtags place all photos that are a part of a marketing campaign in one group. This helps encourage more photo submissions and persuade Instagram users to buy the product in question.

For more leverage, put up a collage of pictures submitted by followers on Instagram for a captivating cover. Also, using a free search tool such as WEBSTA, you can search for photos on Instagram that have relevant hash tagged content and re-post them.

3. Give users purchasing power.

Just gathering Instagram content or posting photos will not generate the profits that your business needs. Ensure that you respond to your viewers who are submitting photos using your brand’s hash tag. Also, make sure that you tag your brand to provide more authenticity to it and coax your viewers to buy your products.

Businesses can set up a triggered response appearing as a comment on a photo. This may lead to the viewer buying a product or participating in a contest.

4. Use real people in photos.

Instagram content that is related to something or someone that the target audience will like is a good idea. Instead of using professional models or celebrities to endorse your brand, you can use content submitted by your followers on Instagram. This will lend a genuine image to your brand that your consumers – existing and potential – can relate to. Thus, your consumers will view your brand as something they can integrate into their daily life.

5. Connect people to products through Instagram galleries.

The power of Instagram can be harnessed by directing people to suggestions about related products in the display gallery or microsite. Product suggestions can be built directly into UGC galleries. Thus, buying becomes much easier.

The bottom line is that brands should come across as genuine. And, the best way to do it is to bolster the brand’s efforts around photos posted by consumers. The reason why Instagram is such a hit is that it is that its content is authentic. Businesses promote submission of genuine photos of consumers using products.

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